Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 2: Anthropology & Power



How History gets Recorded & Remembered.

"I won't say it but I'll think it.
I'll picture Rat Kiley's face, his grief, and I'll think, You dumb cooze.
Because she wasn't listening.
It wasn't a war story. It was a love story.
But you can't say that. All you can do is tell it one more time,
 patiently, adding and subtracting, making up a few things to get at the real truth. "
- Tim O'Brien
The Things They Carried

“…And I go with the feeling from the start
Blind in the eye so I see you with my heart
And to me all y’all look exactly the same
Fear faith, compassion and pain

And try as we may to mask it remains
Such as your religion or your past and your race
The same color blood just pass through our veins
And tears taste the same when they’re splashing your face

The world’s getting too small to stand in one place
It’s like we’re roommates just sharing a space
Can’t separate and still carry the weight
Gotta heal, get away from the fear and the hate

Gotta shake free from the chains, you see what remains
Just a human being end of the day
Don’t matter to me what name you gave your spiritual plane
Close your eyes and you’ll see what I’m saying”

Calle 13
Soy lo que sostiene mi bandera,
la espina dorsal del planeta es mi cordillera.
Soy lo que me enseño mi padre,
el que no quiere a su patria no quiere a su madre.
Soy América latina,
un pueblo sin piernas pero que camina.

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